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12 Tips To Get Your Home Inspected Quicker! ! !

12 Tips To Get Your Home Inspected Quicker! ! !

Below are some hints to help you have the inspection on your house go smoother and alleviate some of the stress associated with selling a house.

1.) Make sure the utilities are on.

2.) If you have pets, remove them from the home before the inspection.

3.) Do a quick check of your smoke and co2 detectors. Make sure they all work when tested. Replace dead batteries before the inspection.

4.) Walk through the entire house and turn on all light switches. Are there any burned out bulbs? Replace any missing or burned out bulbs.

5.) Make sure there is access to the electric panel, the furnace, the domestic hot water heater, the AC equipment and outside compressor, crawlspace doors and the hatch to the attic.

6.) Trim back shrubs and tree branches away from the house to let the inspector see the perimeter of the house more easily.

7.) Replace any missing or dirty HVAC filters.

8.) Unlock any door to rooms that are to be inspected. Unlock any outside gates.

9.) Do a walk around the house with a pad and pencil and jot down any minor fixes you can make. Ripped screens, missing wall outlet or switch plate covers, broken glass, missing window locks, loose hinges on cabinet doors, nail pops at sheet rock, missing gutter extensions, etc. to name a few. If you see any water leaks make sure they are repaired before the inspection.

10.) If you have anything stored against the outside foundation wall, remove it. There should be no wood, no extra bricks, debris, etc. stored against the house. If there are vines growing up the side of the house have them removed before the inspection

11.) Remove all stored items in the attic.

12.) Many inspectors take photo’s and include them in the report. Although no home is spotless, your home should be clean and uncluttered. A first impression for the potential buyer on the day of the inspection is important.

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